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Architectural design

Our Clients benefit from our in-depth Regional and Local Knowledge combined with deep experience in International Design Standards and Best Practices. Our team of highly talented architects have designed    more…

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Mechanical Engineering

Our team of highly knowledgeable Mechanical Engineers give advise and recommend Highly Efficient Systems to Clients that suit their requirements and budgets. Our Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Team   more…

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Electrical Engineering

Extensive experience in designing Electrical Systems for new and existing constructions, renovations and commercial projects. more…

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Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering is based on the laws of physics and our practical knowledge of the structural performance of different building materials. more…

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We offer a wide range of urban planning and development services such as Community Planning, Urban Design, Master Planning, Regional Planning, Environmental Planning, more…

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Interior Design

Each space in every project is designed to perfection, using the latest Advancements Architecture. From perfect floors to flawless ceilings, each design is unique in its own way.more…

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Project Management

Throughout the project life cycle our dedicated Project Managers will make sure that all project stages are completed on time, within budget and with minimum possible cost. more…

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Apple maintains separate teams of site inspectors in the field of Architectural, Structural and Electromechanical engineering with our wide professional experience in the following fields.more…

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Apple Engineering Consultancy
We wanted their dreams to become a reality according to their expectations

Apple Engineering Consultancy is known as one of the leading engineering consultants in comes of design, supervision and project management located at the heart of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With a strict compliance to local and international construction standards and a strong belief in transparent business ethics.

"Apple mission is to excel across all 360 degrees of architectural consulting solutions"

Aple is a private organization, whom into business and continuously expanding for over 5 years and has been delivering professionalism from day one. Maintains a strong relationship with our clients. A diversified portfolio covers a numbers of successful developments.

Apple Engineering Consultancy